Leaving Mexico

Next stop after a relaxed time in Tulum – Bacalar, which lies just next to a beautiful lake-like lagoon, once famous for pirates (they’ve even built a fort there to protect the town). We were excited to test out our camping stuff for the first time as well! Unfortunately we couldn’t go on the water anyhow – the wind started blowing and the lagoon was very choppy… Enjoyed the peacefullness, the views, the playground, local food and some pleasant company on the campsite and went on the next day to Chetumal.

Chetumal is a border town with Belize and the capitol of the Quintana Roo district. Can’t say much about the town though, as we stayed only one night and were transfering almost immediately further. Interesting thing that we will always remember is our roomie from a hostel that we’ve found outside of downtown. She was a transgender, pagan (witch)  and very chatty Canadian with Irish roots, just spending the winter in warmer places. We heard tons of good stories and had an interesting conversation throughout the evening. It’s so nice to meet so openminded people on the way – reminds you of why you travel!

Now the tricky part – crossing the Belizean border. We took the, so called, chicken bus from Chetumal, a Belizean one. Very reasonable price for the distance (check out the picture of it, this is how the public transportation in Belize runs). When we got to the border, the hassle started with the Mexican immigration, which wanted us to pay the departure tax 25 USD per pax. We knew that we don’t have to – we checked with our airlines that it was already paid by them, but it had a different name on the invoice. That was no good for them. The bus went without us and we stayed on the border crossing to explain the situation – the immigration officers were really stubborn. After about 30 minutes of waiting nearby and trying to satisfy their needs with finding some official explanations online, one of them invited us to the booth again, just like that. Some talking, some explaining, informing that if we come back to Mexico again we may be fined or whatever, two stamps and off you go. Ha! Not bad to earn/save 50 USD in 30 minutes, aye?







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