Belize north

And we’re in Belize right now! Finally a little bit of carribbean vibes over here. We finally start to feel that we are traveling. Next stop – Corozal – to get a local sim and some belizean dollars. It took us a little bit longer than expected. There are only two cellular companies in this country – Digicell and Smart, but only Digicell has coverage everywhere. Easy choice for us.Unfortunately the shop was a bit crowded and we had to wait. We even got cold as the A/C was blowing full time (30-is degrees outside). After visiting three banks in the area and finally finding the one which works with our card, we got back on the bus. Direction – Dangriga, skipping Belize City.

Everybody says don’t go to Belize City, so we didn’t. It’s a city after all and it’s not even nice enough to see it (plus, pretty high crime rate). For a transfer from one bus to another it’s ok – there’s a fresh market just next to the bus terminal, so you can get some fruits for the road. Arrived in Dangriga late in the evening and searched for a place to stay for a second. Luckily, D’s Hostel run by Dana, turned to be a perfect location for the night. Especially that we’ve met Brandon from US and had a lovely evening over some beers with him on the roof of our guesthouse with a nice view on the sea and stars.

Next day – Tobacco Caye! Belize has access to some great reefs along the coastline and the most popular way to see it is to visit Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye. After reading some reviews about them, we decided that we gonna choose something different. An island with only 20 inhabitans, fully walkable within 5 minutes, no cars, no scooters, no pavements, – just  white sand, placed on the very beginning of Columbus Reef, with tent places available. YAY! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Hopped on a boat and got there in less than 30 minutes. It was all like they described. Only sand, sun, palms and sea. Sand is white and soft, sun is bright and warm, palms full of coconuts, sea full of fish and stingrays. Ever had two fresh lobsters straight out from the sea for 5 USD? We had! Ever tried to get a coconut from a palm and eat/drink it straight after that? We did! Ever had a belizean rum straight from the bottle under a pitch black star gazed sky? We had! Fully reccommended at least once in a lifetime! BTW, thanks for the rum, Brandon!

Three days we stayed there with an old rastafarian guy, reseting our brains, enjoying every second, till the weather forecast went south. Heavy rains and wind up to 20-30 knots, not nice. We packed our stuff and got on a boat with our “landlord”, trusting his judgment about the captain. Luckily, the boat was bigger than a normal fishing boat and the captain knew his job – the waves on the sea were 2-3 meters high sometimes. Ever crossed a sea like that? We did! But we don’t reccommend it to anyone, it’s pretty rough experience! Of course, we got wet as hell too, despite rain jackets and hats and hoods. In that condition we boarded a bus further south, to Punta Gorda (also called PG). More about it next time 🙂





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