Tulum Sunday – fun day

We arrived to Tulum from Playa del Carmen with a quick local bus (colectivo) ride. After checking in the hostel and making a bit of research for our next steps of traveling we agreed that it’s time for the first stroll through the streets of a once ancient Maya metropolis and now a hippy tourist mekka town. It was late afternoon of the hottest day we’ve had so far. We slowly walked through the main street of town passing plenty of souvenir shops, dive centers, some hippy or rustic bars and taquerias. Nothing unusual so far. The plan was to spot a nice, local, not too pricy place for a dinner. The sun was still burning our faces and the air was dense so the idea to eat something hot was not realy attractive. We decided to eat after the dawn and take some time for cruising the streets. We went into some smaller alleys and ended up next to a nice city square with small park, a playground, some sport fields and other facilities. It looked like a perfect spot to seek some shade and relax. We took out our spanish pocket dictionary and started learning new words. Around us people were sitting, taking naps and chilling. As soon as the sun was getting closer to the horizon everything around us came to life. One after another foodstalls were installing their businesses  and firing up grills and pans on the streets surrounding the square. Nearby church community was having some celebrations with guitar music and singing. Even all the trees suddenly became full of birds squeeking and singing like crazy. We felt like by accident we might have just hit the jackpot. The dinner came to us! With every minute the area was getting more and more crowded, but that were not the crowds of “rich wholesale tourists” but locals mixed with some european and western faces but all seemed to be very familiarized with those “indigenous”. Everyone was sitting next to each other on steps, benches, sidewalks and eating freshly made mexican specialities. We took some rounds to hunt for the most appealing dinner courses, and soon our bellys were full and happy. At the same time the football match started on one of the fields so we took our desert (churros with choco sauce) and went watching this event. The game was very interesting especially because the players were mexican “mamas” meaning middle age ladies that probably on daily basis are working, making tortillas for their families or taking kids to school but on the evenings and sundays they become a bad ass football players. It was thrilling to see how much heart they are putting into it.
The evening was perfect and the town seemed very promising. We can’t wait for tomorrow.
Edit – the next day was a beaching/cycling day. With two rented bicycles we strolled around the town and went to the beach side of Tulum, to have a glance at the Maya ruins and to chill a bit on the sand. It was the nicest piece of sand ever – long, wide, calm and relaxing, with mild descent to the water. We never wanted to leave, but we’ve run out of sun screen and had to go. On the way back we’ve found a nice taqueria, located on the very seasideand squeezed between high-end and fancy resorts, where we had some tacos (of course) and beers (of course). We are not perfectly sure if we should show you the pictures…? You gonna hate us for that 😀



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