Cool kids of the reef


The amount of work and time we’ve spent on finding a good scuba center paid off completely. It was a lot of fun, but hard work as well. We finished the certification with not only PADI cards, but with new experiences, friends and people met from all over the world.

New experiences – it’s a completely different world under the surface. We were astonished with the reef and the animals living on it, the colors, the amount of different things you can see on every dive. We managed to spot a nurse shark, stingrays, barracudas, eels, turtles and probably thousand of others which we couldn’t recognise. Additionally, we joined a new family and they welcomed us with open arms. We are not freshies when we step into a diving shop anymore!

Friends – the crew of Scuba Life Cozumel (JP, Carlos and Marcelo). Veeeery positive and relaxed but absolutely proffesional and focused at all times. JP and Carlos (our Dive Instructors) were always chating, laughing with us, answering our questions while having eye on everything and everyone. From the start we felt safe and liked the way they were training us. Always by understanding and practicing at your own pace  This way you could learn anything. Marcelo was our captain. Gosh, how a happy that guy is. We still laugh from few pranks that he pulled off 🙂

People – we haven’t been diving alone. On every trip we met new people who were having different stories, nationalities, backgrounds and reasons for diving which was a fantastic entertainment between our dives. This was even quite funny that the dives were forcing us to “shut up” and to admire the world around us quietly.  For example, we met there one Venezuelan girl (making her advanced course), a Czech/Italian girl who lives in USA/Canada and works for NGO’s all over the world, an American couple of very experienced divers who had the biggest underwater camera we have ever seen, a mixed English-German couple who are traveling for 15 months now – and so on and so on…Divers are the “cool kids” and now we’re the cool kids as well 🙂



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