Cozumel drive and dive

Our first days on Cozumel were focused on finding the best diving school for
us to make an Open Water Diving course. Most of the people seem to just take
the first offer or closest school and case closed. But not us. We like to
make things harder especially when we’re planning on spending bigger amounts
of money. So it took us a lot of visits at diving centers, talks with people
and checking online reviews. Of course, the chosen school was not the closest
and we would have to walk there for more than an hour so we had to rent a
scooter to commute. That opened the chance to see a bit more of the island
than the touristy center with Burger Kings, Starbucks, Hard Rock’s and so
on. Thank God!

Yesterday afternoon, we’ve had our first two dives with some trainings, which
were made straight away from the boat. That’s quite demanding but I guess
we’re learning much faster this way. Our crew was amazing. 2 great intructors
who were very thoroughly training us and very cheerful capitain who was
making sure that we have enough drinks, fruits or towels. This 3 crew members
were taking care of a group of 3 divers meaning us and 1 more italian-czech
girl from US (what a mixture). Conditions were 1st class.

Before the dive we did a small trip around the island to see the windy and
wild beaches with unusual flora, which were invaded every now and then by buses filled with Americans from the 5 enormous cruise ships that were docking on the island that day.

Today we’re focused all day on studying theory to our further diving trainings and tests to excell our abilities to decend in wather and to manage to equalize our ears a bit better, because today we’re a bit deaf. Tomorrow next round of our underwater journey.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hendrik says:

    Cool pictures! Its fucking cold and rainy in this town but we kinda miss you! I’ll finish my next entry about Bucharest tomorrow 🙂

    1. fszczesniak says:

      Partly made by iphone and partly by xiaomi yi 2. But od course, it’s not about the gear, it’s about who makes the pictures. If you’re cool, the pictures are cool too 😀

      1. Hendrik says:

        You dont have to tell me 😉 Wait for the Pictures of Bucharest haha. Oh and I just booked a short trip to Barcelona before I go to Taiwan yeah!

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