Mexico – Long-haul and first friends

So we finally got here. It took us a 3 hours train ride (very comfortable with the polish premium intercity “Pendolino”), 2 hours of flight to Cologne (with Wizzair), nightover in Cologne with short sightseeing and almost 12 hours flight from Cologne to Cancun which was delayed 3 hours (Eurowings operated by TUIfly, an old 767-300 with 8 seats in a row and paid entertainment system, fully packed and not really comfy, but only 250€ one way!).

All together we didn’t sleep enough and our butts and backs hurt like hell. Only after something like that you really appreciate a good shower and a comfy bed 🙂

Where are we now? At the moment, the island of Cozumel, just next to Playa del Carmen, looking for a diving course. We planned to get here yesterday, directly after our flight, but because of the delay we missed the last ferry and had to stay one night on the continent. We got on the ferry today and after a very bumpy ride (the sea was pretty rough, not rough enough to waste breakfast, luckily!) we checked-in in a sweet and quiet B&B studio.

Who have we met so far? A scottish guy called James, who is a diving instructor on Jamaica, a Brazilian programmer, who thinks that working in US will be much better than in EU, a Syberian girl working in a hostel in Playa del Carmen and a couple from El Salvador whose car broke down and because the repairs will take up to 1 month, they decided to change plans, volunteer in the hostel for food and accomodation and continue their trip for much longer…

What’s the plan? Gonna stay here for about 5-6 nights and will try to find a good diving school to get PADI open water certification. In the meantime explore – the island, eat mexican food, learn spanish, write some posts maybe, plan our next steps.



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  1. Tata says:

    Dobrze, że już piszecie.

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